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A Singleplayer platform game developed by Andres Saladrigas and Aitor Simona, two students in the second year of Video Game Design and Development degree in UPC Barcelona, Spain. Jump through the unknown lands and ruins in order to obtain the orbs gathered in each level. Explore each map and enjoy discovering new grounds. The game has been made using C++, using SDL, pugi libraries and Tiled portable v_0. 17.

Team Photo From left to right: Andrés Saladrigas, Aitor Simona

About orBit

The game has usual platformer mechanics, like jumping over platforms and enemies, score, timer and gathering items.

Code Features

Some special features included in the code are:

- Checkpoint Areas: creating checkpoints to save progress.

- Animations Loaded from Tiled: loaded animations from xml document save from Tiled.

- Collisions system: collissions are only checked near entities.

- Entity Update Area: enemies update just when the enemy is in the player depth of field.

- Tiled: Animations, collisions, entities, and areas loaded from tiled.

- UI from xml: Elements from the Ui are created from a xml.

- Entity managment: avoid destroying and creating entities by active or inactive system.

Project Github

Click Here



Decompress the .zip file in any directory. Open the file directoy and double click on the executable. Download Here



 Player movement:

- A: move to the left

- D: move to the right

- W: while in GodMode going up

- S: while in GodMode going down

- SPACE: jump

Game Video


We do not own any of the sprites, tilesets, music or sfx presented in this game. Authors credited below


© Andrés Ricardo Saladrigas Pérez and Aitor Simona Bouzas

Licensed under the MIT License